You’d think this sort of thing would garner more attention. This precedent is truly unnerving.

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July Fourth Cartoon

Penned last week to accommodate the holiday schedule of the paper. Still fitting and relevant given immediate example of the budget battle in August where the Democrats have given everything away in what they posture is an attempt to “compromise.” Interesting how compromise means doing the same as the Republicans: gutting public education and slashing taxes for the wealthiest Mainers.

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July Fourth



“All of the budget proposals currently pending with lawmakers would, in actuality, cut income taxes for wealthy Mainers…”


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Police Culture in America


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Police Culture in America

A terrible choice to have to make–but how much of it is influenced by a culture steeped in a mentality of “us against them”? How might the increased militarization, aloofness, and separateness of our local police departments impact the choice between a “justifiable” homicide and an alternative means to diffuse, negotiate, and otherwise control and resolve a situation? What about the police culture in America influences and even condones these outcomes? From the perspective of other countries and their respective statistics surrounding people killed by law enforcement, the issue in America is a strikingly toxic and unsettling one.



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Happy Valentine’s Day (Unless you’re on the list to be deported)

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Trump’s Idol (the former Deporter-in-Chief)

2.5 million people is actually a fairly conservative number. In truth, it’s probably closer to 3.1 or 4 million people, depending upon which government source one wishes to draw figures from.



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